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Back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal condition and accounts for significant proportion of general practice and specialist clinic consultations.  

Up to 7% of acute back pain sufferers develop chronic low back pain. In chronic back pain sufferers, precision diagnostic blocks can be used to locate various sources of pain such as Disc, Facet joints and Sacro-iliac joints, thereby enabling delivery of target-specific treatment. 

The intensive workshop is an applied learning course for clinicians to improve the quality of care delivered to their patients suffering with low back pain. It allows participants to learn and improve their technical skills for such precision diagnostic blocks and target-specific treatments as well as improve knowledge about patient selection and subsequent outcomes. 

This 12-hours workshop comprises of lectures, live demonstrations, hands-on training in cadaveric stations and Q & A sessions.

RCOA Approval: Awaited  

CME Credits: 10 Points

Matrix Category: 3E00




May 28 & 29;








Lumbar Medial branch blocks

Lumbar Medial branch Radiofrequency Lesioning

L 5 dorsal ramus block and RF lesioning

Sacral Lateral branch blocks

Sacro-iliac joint injections

SI joint denervation  

Ultrasound guided facet joint injections

Ultrasound guided medial branch blocks

Ultrasound guided SI Joint injections







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